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Cerberus DMS is Your Integrated Security Management Solution

Posted by Ryan Temple on Feb 6, 2018 2:48:49 PM

With Cerberus DMS, you can manage even complex security and fire safety systems with ease. The Cerberus DMS building safety technology platform is quick and reliable, providing you with an overview of security-related events through a fail-proof integration with your safety and security systems.

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Avigilon Blue: a Cutting-Edge Cloud Platform that’s Flexible Enough to Scale

Posted by Ryan Temple on Jan 23, 2018 9:55:42 AM

Enabling more efficient management of sophisticated security and surveillance systems, Avigilon Blue is a powerful cloud service platform.  Scale your system with ease to meet the growing needs of your business.

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Senior Living Developers Struggle to Manage Facilities’ Continually-Evolving Technology Needs

Posted by Ryan Temple on Jan 18, 2018 3:08:25 PM

In the senior care industry, technology has become a key component of overall patient care. However, do you feel like you’re struggling to get your arms around your facilities’ low voltage technology needs?  We understand that you have many conflicting priorities where you need to focus your time and resources, such as development, construction and personnel. You likely have many questions about well as some you didn’t think to ask. That’s where an experienced security integration/life safety partner can truly be a lifesaver.

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CHAMPS Group Purchasing Organization Sees the Value Technology Install Partners Brings to its Own Parent Organization

Posted by Ryan Temple on Jan 9, 2018 12:08:54 PM

CHAMPS Group Purchasing contracts with a variety of vendors across an array of industries to ensure their 13,000+ member locations across the U.S. receive the best pricing from superior companies. Based on its economical pricing, breadth of services and positive reputation, CHAMPS selected Technology Install Partners, a security and life-safety system provider, for its portfolio of GPO contracts.

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Cloud-Based Service Enables More Efficient Management of Security Solution

Posted by Ryan Temple on Jan 4, 2018 2:05:23 PM

Cloud-based services have become a critical part of our business and personal lives. We rely on the cloud to safely store our business files, photos, videos, games, access software to run our homes and businesses, host websites, and so many more applications, it’s hard to even list them all! This technology obviously plays a critical role in the safety and security industry as well.

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Central Local Schools Makes Safety a Top Priority with New & Expanded Video Surveillance Solution

Posted by Ryan Temple on Jan 2, 2018 4:51:32 PM

We live in a time where safety and security is top concern for schools across the country. Central Local Schools in Defiance, OH knew it was time to upgrade its antiquated video surveillance solution in order to adequately protect its buildings, equipment and most importantly, the students, faculty and parents coming in and out of the buildings. After going through a diligent selection process, Technology Install Partners (TIP) was selected as the best premium security and life safety solutions company to assist the school system in its efforts; because of the team’s knowledge, attention-to-detail and client-centric approach to project management, TIP exceeded the expectations of the district.

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Technology Install Partners acquires Livonia, MI-Based Security Designs Inc.

Posted by Ryan Temple on Oct 16, 2017 11:48:16 AM

Technology Install Partners, a leading provider of video surveillance, access control, fire/security alarms, nurse call, fiber, and structured cabling, has announced the acquisition of Security Designs, Inc.

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Not Just for Calling Home, Smartphones Can Manage Your Building

Posted by Ryan Temple on Jun 28, 2016 6:30:00 AM

Smartphones have evolved from the convergence of many technologies into a single hand-held device. Today’s smartphones provide cameras, video recorders, personal computers, text messengers, social networkers, schedulers, movie players, TVs, boarding passes, game sources and an almost infinite number of applications.

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Regular Maintenance is Critical for any Access Control System

Posted by Ryan Temple on Jun 14, 2016 6:00:00 AM

Access control systems play a critical role in keeping companies, employees and facilities safe and secure. In recent years, facilities and information have been compromised due to access by unauthorized individuals. Sometimes, employees have been significantly endangered as a result of these intrusions.

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Senior Living Facility Internal Process Efficiencies

Posted by Ryan Temple on May 31, 2016 6:00:00 AM

Is Your Senior Living Facility using all of the Advanced Technology Available?

Securing Senior Living

In part 2 of this blog series, we discussed why wandering management technology is used with a few simple benefits. But let’s dive a little deeper and explore more technical reasons you should be using this technology in your senior living facility. Monitoring systems are a key element of ensuring the care plans for residents who are at risk for wandering is executed to their full capacity by assisting the staff with heightened security and alerts.

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